Monday, March 18, 2013

It started when I was fifteen.

Recently I was asked what inspired me to write "Rituals in Sacred Stone". I had to think a little to find when I first dedicated myself to Her cause. As a young student at a Lutheran high school in Norway, I listened to the morning gospel reading covering Mary Magdalene, and thought to myself; “That story is missing some details”. Being an aspiring writer, I sensed that the way it was told didn't ring true. I made a promise to myself and the universe then and there; I would write the story of Mary Magdalene. I started looking for material, but found nothing. It took years before there was any research done that would shed light on Her. I read the stories of King Arthur, I learned about Labyrinths, I read all I could find about The Knights Templar. The more I researched church history, I found Her vilified over several centuries, often used as the symbol of the penitent sinner. Guilt ridden popes built chapels in Her honor to lift their own heavy conscience for various grave sins. They pictured Her with pleading eyes begging forgiveness from a strict God. These findings made me even more determined to write Her story and show the important role She played in the life of the historical figure that shaped our culture.

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