Friday, March 15, 2013

Mary Magdalene, devoted wife and priestess.

Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married? In RITUALS IN SACRED STONE you'll find the depth of love, devotion, knowledge and wisdom that made this famous couple able to work as a powerful team in a world mired in war and rebellion. The preserved shrunken head of an ancestor accompanies Mariam while she is educated at the mystery schools of Egypt. As a fully trained priestess, queen and wife, she performs the rituals required to apply the gifts of the Magi. Was the head of John the Baptist an oracle used as a political plot? Why did the crucifixion take place on a hollow hill called "the skull"? What is the journey of Osiris? RITUALS IN SACRED STONE is a controversial interpretation of the life of Mary Magdalene and brings you to the heart-wrenching choices that her education, her ancestry, and ancient prophecies forced her to make.


  1. Thank you. Yesterday I did a presentation, which will soon be posted on Utube, where I tell more about her, her life, and the important role she played in a story that shaped our culture.